Jason Cole is the author of techno and psychological thrillers. His years of experience in a molecular biology lab and orthopedic medical device sales has built a unique foundation to lay his thought provoking plots on. He has studied various single gene disorders, has had his research published in esteemed scientific journals, and now works for himself providing for his beautiful wife and baby girl in northern New Jersey. He has two dogs, Tank who is a big mush of a Rottweiler, and Mia who is a German Shepherd mix that they adopted.


His goal with writing is to take the fringe of scientific possibility and plant it into the minds of his readers. Cutting edge technological breakthroughs, psychologicall concepts, and frightening circumstances that may not be that far off from happening to society in a near future. His goal is to write thought-provoking books that have sound, plausible science and a hint of horrifying viability.

Writing has always been a passion of his and he is forever grateful for each and everyone of his fans and readers. Their continued support has kept this journey going for Jason and he plans on continuing to provide his voracious audience with all their curious minds can handle.